"The study of mathematics cannot be replaced by any other activity that will train and develop man's purely logical facilities to the same level of rationality." -- (C. O. Oakley, The American Mathematical Monthly, 56, 1949, p.19)

Math History Tidbit:

Ada Byron Lovelace (1815-1852): She is sometimes referenced as the first computer programmer. Lovelace worked with Charles Babbage, who invented a calculating machine called the Analytical Engine. Lovelace invented the "logic" that made the machine run and "programmed" the machine with this logic. Among other things, she observed that there were frequent situations where repeated calculations of a certain type were needed, so she conceived of the concept of a subroutine with what we today call a loop. Programming techniques developed by Lovelace are used today.


Herkimer's Corner

When Herkimer was shy, why did he hesitate to open the refrigerator door?

Answer: He was afraid the mayonnaise was dressing.

Herky's friends:

BEA QUIET...she was always annoyed with people who talked during the showing of a movie.

KENT KETCHUM ...he ran on the track team, but always finished last.


Reading: Section 7.1 (pages 367-373)

Exercises: 7.2 and 7.3 (page 373). For each of these problems, sketch the probability histogram.

Items for reflection:

You are in Section 7.1.

As you look at the probability histograms on pages370 and 372, note that the y-axis consists of probability values. Ifyou consider the base of the blue bars to be 1 unit in length, thenthe area (sum of the areas of the blue bars) is 1 square unit. Youcan calculate probabilities just by summing areas of geometricfigures. THINK ABOUT THIS!





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