"The deep study of nature is the most fruitful source of mathematical discovery." -- (Joseph Fourier, 1768-1830)

Math History Tidbit:

Michael Stifel (Germany, 1486-1567). One of the great algebraists of the 16th century, Stifel was a number mystic. He prophesied the end of the world on Oct. 3, 1533. When this event failed to happen, he had to take refuge in a prison to escape the wrath of peasants who gave up all of their worldly goods to follow him to Heaven. Extremely anti-Catholic, he produced a "proof" that Pope Leo X was the antichrist described in the Bible. (Revelation 13:18 ).


Herkimer's Corner

When Herkimer was a playboy, where did he record his daily activities?

Answer: In a loose-life notebook.

Herky's friends:

CARA VAN...likes to lead multi-car tours.

PATTY MELT.. she loves grilled sandwiches with cheese topping.


Assignment due after the test on Chapter 4.

Reading: Section 5.1, pages 245-261, including SUMMARY.

Exercises: None. Concentrate on the reading and the terminology introduced in this section.

Items for reflection:

You are in Section 5.1

Important words/phrases/thoughts introduced inthis section include:




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Supplemental books:
The Cartoon Guide to Statistics, by Gonick and Smith. NewYork, HarperCollins Publishers, 1993. (ISBN 0-06-273102-5)
How to Lie with Statistics, by Darrell Huff. New York, W.W.Norton & Company, 1982 (ISBN 0-393-09426-X)

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